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2024 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

REVIEW for Secrets of a First Daughter

A huge thank you goes out to Melissa at HarperCollins for sending me a copy of the book.

TITLE:               Secrets of a First Daughter

AUTHOR:         Cassidy Calloway

GENRE:             YA

RATING:            3 Stars

I am a fan of this series and really enjoyed the first book. I like that the main character is not bratty or spoiled and is, in fact, a teenager who is trying to live a normal life with her friends (and her boyfriend) while at the same time living in the spotligt of being the First Daughter.
Unfortunately, while I enjoy the writing and the characters of Secrets of a First Daugther, I have to say that the storyline is so totally unbelieveable that I found myself rolling my eyes on more than one occasion.

While the First Daugther is 'in love' with her former bodyguard and nobody knows this - they keep setting up little 'dates' to meet up in out of the way spots in the White House. While this may sound 'cute' the reality is that if my secret agents were losing track of me so easily in the White House, I would be seriously worried -obviously, this does not work in the least. Come on, we are supposed to buy that the secret agents are clueless about the fact that 'Tornado' is creeping around to meet her boyfriend?

Secondly, while there is alot of fun interaction between the two best friends, who end up boing to England, the 'ending' to this particular escape is completely ridiculous. I will not give it away and spoil it for other readers, but come on? The Queen of England?????

While there is alot right with this series, I have to say that there are also alot of things wrong with it - next time, try for something more plausible please.


bermudaonion said...

Maybe younger readers wouldn't realize the implausibility of the story.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! for sharing

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