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2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have been lucky enough to be working, on a contract basis, for the last 8 months.  Actually, this was a 2 month contract that they kept extending - however, today was my last day and I am really sad.

I have been in the work forece for alot of years and I have worked with all kinds of people. However, the group of people I just finished working with were THE BEST I have ever worked with. This group is actually the human resources department of a large electronics company - that is well known world wide, specializing in supplying cockpit equipment.  There are 900 people working at this plant and we were 16 people - all part of the HR department.  Each and every person there was wonderful, professional and a joy to work with and it all had to end today :(

Yummy cake and a beautiful pen

Yesterday, they all took me out to my favorite restaurant East Side Marios.  The entire team was there (except for one person who had a stomach flu).  I was given a beautiful pen with the company name on it.  I was very touched that the whole team came out to say goodbye.

This morning, one of my favorite people in the office (Lynda)came in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and she and another wonderful and kind person (Caroline) gave me a touching goodbye card and a Starbucks card - I guess I kind of talked about my love for all things Starbucks quite a few times in the 8 months I was there - especially since there was no Starbucks close to the plant AND the cafeteria coffee was really bad.

Because there are 900 employees at the plant, we offer a full cafeteria service and the Chef had promised to put on the menu, for my last day, my favorite meal - a soup meal which consists of noodles, tofu and beef.  He kept his promise and it was served today for lunch!  Tracy the person who works the cash at the cafeteria, who treated me like her daughter (despite the fact that she is my age) refused to take my money and paid for my lunch.

I was also touched by the goodbye hugs and kind words that I received.  I am so blessed - but boy is it hard to say goodbye to these wonderful people.

I just wanted to share some photos :)


bermudaonion said...

I'm so sorry that they couldn't keep you on longer. I can certainly understand why you're sad.

Gail said...

Yes it so nice to work in an office where everyone gets along. Good luck in your future adventures and job search.

Cindy said...

Tina I was thinking of you today knowing it was your last day. Oh that was so nice what HR did for you. Gee none of the places I worked at ever did that for me LOL

See you soon :)

Myckyee said...

Oh, it's too bad that you had to go, but great that you got to know some wonderful people. Hopefully you'll find something else just as good closer to home.

Janice said...

Seldom do we find great people in this world and I am glad that you've found them.It's never been easy to go when you strongly attached to groups or someone already but at least you have been part of that company and surely, they will miss you.

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