2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

REVIEW for Epic Fail by Christy Watson

Thank you to the wonderful publishing company LORIMER for sending me an electronic copy of this book to read and review.

TITLE:                      Epic Fail

AUTHOR:                Cristy Watson

GENRE:                    YA

RATING:                  3 Stars

I like this series of books because they are not afraid to tackle the hard subjects.

Epic Fail is about date rape and what it does to not only the victim but the people around her.

While the story was compelling, the characters needed to be a lot more developed. Kenzie, the victim and Jared, her friend who feels guilty about what happened are the two most developed characters and yet, I still haven't figured out much about them. Bree and Seth, two more important players in this story are mentioned on occasion, but absolutely nothing is said about them other than they are bad.

I do like that the author chose to make Kenzie work on getting better with a combination of therapy, friendship and self-esteem. The message, while hard to hear, is, in the end a positive one.

Having said all of this, there were some incredibly important moments that were completely missing in this book. ALL the parents are written as either non caring, clueless or self involved.

Jared was a good character, other than the fact that he went back and forth between being strong and extremely weak, which I would not have minded so much, if he didn't seem to spend all of his time second guessing himself on everything. But, I like that he was there for Kenzie when it mattered most and that he never judged her for what happened.

This is an interesting read, but there are some elements missing here.

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