2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

BOOK REVIEW for Most Hated by Kara Alloway


A big thank you to author Kara Alloway for sending me an e-copy of this book

TITLE:       Most Hated

AUTHOR:  Kara Alloway

GENRE:      Fiction

RATING:     5 stars

Full disclosure, I do NOT like reality TV shows and this book describes exactly why.  This plotline is like a reality (no pun) check on the fact that TV, even reality shows are not "real" enough.  

This book is like having an "in" on a TV show,  as we benefit from all the gossip - ALL the gossip.  But we also get to see how each character deals with honesty and their futures.  

I did not root for the main characters, rather, I just devoured all the insight an average TV viewer would never get to see....and you know what, I totally believe that this book was based on real life events, or at least partly and I would be dying to know who "the most hated" actually is in real life.

The best thing though is the writing. The pace is wonderful - my pet peeve is a book that takes pages and pages to get things moving and to get us to the "interesting" places, but that's not the case here - from day 1, we are asked to listen to the gossip LOL and not only listen, but to become part of the circle.

Terrific, terrific  PS:  Great, great beach read

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