2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
Tina has read 8 books toward her goal of 37 books.

Monday, July 3, 2023

BOOK Review for The Glow Up Journal by Danielle Richardson


Thank you wonderful Simon & Schuster and Adams Publicity Marketing for sending me a hard copy of this book.  I love it.

TITLE:            Glow Up Journal

AUTHOR:       Danielle Richardson

GENRE:           Self-help

RATING:          5 Stars

Years ago, I took a test geared towards determining my strength and weaknesses.  I was surprised to learn that I am VERY goal oriented. At first, I did not agree, but over the years I see how much reaching goals matters to me, both from a personal and professional level.  

While this is great in itself (I think!) I needed something to help me clear my thoughts, so I could focus on what I want and who I am I found that Journaling really helps me.  So, I have become a journal freak.  Over the years, I have narrowed down my needs when it comes to selecting the perfect journal for ME.

The Glow Up Journal has everything I want.  I have been using it for several weeks now and wanted to put down my thoughts.

First off, it looks great.  The look is not the most important thing, but it attracts my eye, making it more fun to write in.

Self Care and mindfulness are important aspects for me and this Journal asks me to really think about what I need - what I feel.  It throws out questions and tidbits that challenge you to do more than just say "I want to change" as opposed to "I am changing".  Prompts kickstarts my inner dialogue, by writing it out - putting it out there making me feel it is attainable.

Where am I and where do I want to go?  How do I get there without forgetting myself for the sake of the dream.

The author has a knack for knowing exactly what to include in this Journal - and EVERYTHING is made towards empowering your best you.  Discovering issues/dreams that are maybe way back in your mind.

Lovely, lovely.  I carry this with me and find myself pulling it out often during the day.

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