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2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, January 19, 2009

REVIEW for Rebel in Blue Jeans

BOOKSHIPPER welcomes author Beverly Stowe McClure and PUMP UP YOUR BOOK PROMOTION.

TITLE: Rebel in Blue Jeans
AUTHOR: Beverly Stowe McClure
RATING: 3 Stars

just finished reading Rebel in Blue Jeans written by Beverly Stowe McClure. This is a YA book that was a fun read. The book opens with us being privy to Rebel's thoughts. I always like this type of writing as I feel it makes me understand the character alot more than if I was simply reading their words. Rebel's mother is leaving - she is leaving Rebel's dad and she is also leaving Rebel - for another man. This is the premise of the book and it immediately grabbed me.

As Rebel struggles through the fact that her mother does not want her - she gets closer and closer to her animals - which act as a source of healing for her - I thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the book - it made the book softer for me.

Although the opening chapter deals with a difficult subject, the book never really gets very explicit at Rebel's life. She does discover romance, but it was quite sanitized - I felt this book was a little innocent and indeed, at times, the dialogue did not fit with the characters - sometimes I felt as though Rebel was much younger than she is supposed to be.

This is a very quick read and I did enjoy it, but, for me, there was something missing which is why I gave it a 3 star rating.


Nutz4reading said...

The books sounds interesting. I will have to look for it and see what I think of it. The story sounds like something I would enjoy.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the nice review Tina.


Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Thank you for hosting my Virtual Book Tour. I appreciate your time and also your review of Rebel.

Have a wonderful week.


Me, too, from Rebel

Wall-to-wall books said...

Does sound like a good book, something I would have liked in my teens!

Kristie said...

I am with you, I quite often enjoy books are told from inside the character's mind... I feel like I get to hear and see and experience so much more.

Sue A. said...

Oh this book sounds like a pass for me.

Reyna Meinhardt said...

That looks like a good book. Thanks for the review!

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