2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, January 25, 2010

REVIEW for Long Powwow Nights

Thank you Lori for sending me this beautiful and educational book!

TITLE: Long Powwow Nights

AUTHOR: David Bouchard
GENRE: Children
RATING; 4 Stars
I live in Quebec and we have spent alot of time worrying about losing our French culture (and I don't mean the policical side of it). I am proud to see how different (and yet similar) we can all be and this is why this book attracted me.
I like reading about different cultures, it fascinates me and it amazes me that despite all the differences, we are still the same at heart.This is the premise behind Long Powwow Nights. This book was created with this view in mind. Author Bouchard has created a main character who is proud of her heritage and absolutely wants her child to understand and cheris this heritage.
This book takes a beautiful look at some of the valued traditions from the Native Americans. I had absolutely no idea about their culture and I was fascinated as I turned the pages and analyzed the various pictures.
This book is beautiful as well as informative and I thought it did a great job of telling us about someone else's "true life and story".

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