2021 Reading Challenge

2021 Reading Challenge

2021 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

REVIEW for Priceless

Thank you goes out to Simon & Schuster for sending me a copy of this book!

TITLE:                Priceless

AUTHOR:          Nicole Richie

GENRE:              Fiction

RATING:            4 Stars

I have been reading for many years and the book Priceless actually reminded me of the good old days in the 1980's where books of this type and genre were extremely popular and alot of fun to read.

Actually Priceless is about money, greed, ambition, reality check and making the best out of a bad situation. It is loaded with amusing anecdotes which you just know the author, Nicole Richie, has actually exprienced either first hand or some other way as the descriptinons are way to vivid and detailed to be "made up".

This novel is about the glitz and how easily it can all come outdone - although it truly is alot of fun to read about. I love reading about the excesses of the rich and I love to read about their undoing - fun! fun!

The story centers around a rich "brat" - Charlotte who in a matter of hours/days becomes an outcast with no money and nowhere to go. She moves in with her "former" nanny and discovers that she has no skills to do anything and while this is disconverting it does not stop her.

She meets a friend and a man - both of whom may or may not be saviors - which adds to the fun of the read.

I thought that Richie did a fine job of telling us about her world. Her writing is engaging and I have to say that I even fell in love with the book cover.

There is absolutely nothing to dislike about this thoroughly entertaining novel.

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bermudaonion said...

When I saw the book was written by Nicole Richie, I assumed it was a memoir, and was surprised to see it's not. I had no idea she can write.

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