2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Friday, May 30, 2014

BLOG TOUR for Undone by Cat Clarke

Thank you to the wonderful people at SourceBooks for letting me read an e galley of this book.

TITLE:              Undone

AUTHOR:         Cat Clarke

GENRE:            YA


I had never read any books written by author Cat Clarke, but after reading this one, I will def go back and read the previous books.

Undone is touching, realistic, sad and even scary - why?  because it deals with social issues that are touches YA (and anybody actually) so much today - sexual orientation and bullying.

Jem has been in love with her best friend Kai for years, even though Kai is gay. When he is outted on a video (by their peers) he kills himself, leaving Jem feeling betrayed, extremely sad and completely lost.  

However, this book really gets going when Jem gets letters from Kai - giving her a reason to go on and live her life - especially when she decides to avenge his death by "getting even" with the people who outted him.

I loved this book.  I felt Jem's pain and then her desperate need to hang on to Kai by defending him in death.

Jem stops at nothing to "infiltrate" the goup of people who killed Kai - nothing!  She changes her look, her thughts and her emotions - nothing will make her stop.  Its amazing just how singled minded she becomes.  This is the strength of this novel - watching Jem turn from nice person, to desperate friend to vengeful spirit (although she is very much alive).

What this book does so well is show us how harmful judgement can be and just how harmful bullying has become. Bullying does not only make the "target" suffer, but everyone around them.

I was mad at these people for judging Kai because of something as minor as sexual orientation.  I have never understood what the big deal was about  sexual orientation???? Why should I care who you have sex with??????  Its weird.  Bullying scares me so much. I am glad that I did not grow up at a time where there was much of this going on.

I loved, loved this book.

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