2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, June 2, 2014

REVIEW for The Book of David

TITLE:         The Book of David

BY:              Anonymous

GENRE:       YA


This book was good.  Actually, I like all the "Anonymous" books and this one touches on the subject of homosexuality.

David is a high school football superstar with a friend who turns out to be anything but "the best" friend he thought he would be.

I like this book because it doesn't make everything pretty.  This book really shows you the inner struggle David has about "coming out" - especially with a mother who thinks that anything but heterosexuality is acceptable by God and a father who drinks too much and is clearly a "goold old boy".

I loved that while reading this book, I actually felt as though I was going through all the fears and emotions David does - from acknowledging to himself that he likes guys, to finally caving into his sexual and emotional needs.  Nothing is easy or simple, but this story is well done and gives us just enough to get a clearer understanding of how difficult sexual orientation can be.

Loved it.

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