2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Review for BONE BOX by Faye Kellerman


TITLE:                         BONE BOX

AUTHOR:                   Faye Kellerman

GENRE:                      Mystery

RATING:                    4 Stars

Once again Kellerman brings us another whodunit involving Decker and (thankfully back) Harvard.

Can I tell you how much I love the Peter Decker/Tyler(Harvard) team - they make the entire book for me. Its interesting to note how Kellerman is setting up Tyler as the "relief" for Decker and I love their almost father and son moments.

In this one, we even get to see Donnetti, Marge and Scott Oliver - all welcome additions, if only way too brief.

The story itself is interesting and had me guessing til the end. In true Kellerman fashion she molds a fairly interesting murder case and throws in lots and lots of "possible" suspects. I have always said that when I read her books, I need to be ultra focused because there are so many people coming in and out of the story at any given time.

Again, as per Kellerman's style, she writes smart stories, where Decker uses his brain rather than car chases to propel the solving of the mystery forward.

The writing is, as always, great - the author writes as though these characters are her friends (and ours) and it is always a joy to read her stuff.

But, for me......this story is about Decker and Harvard and even if there were no mysteries to solve, I would still read the books. The relationship is wonderful and Kellerman is at her best when she writes dialogue between these two.

UGHH! Again with Rina though. I have written about this so many times, but I wish she would go. She drags down the story because it feels as though Kellerman has to "make room" for this character in her stories and in doing so, she stops the momentum - all Rina does is get compliments, cooks and tags along with her policeman husband as he tracks down suspects in various cities. RINA DOES NOTHING for the story and I just wish she was written out completely. I know this will probably never happen, but I can always hope. Basically, when she has dialogue, I just skip over it.

Just once, I wish someone would call out Decker on this "hey Peter, do you think its professional to bring your wife on your investigations"....

So, in short - more Decker and Harvard and yes, more Donetti and NO MORE RINA please.

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