2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

REVIEW for Just Like You Said It Would Be by C.K. Kelly Martin

TITLE:               Just Like You Said It Would Be

AUTHOR:        C.K. Kelly Martin

GENRE:           YA


The powerful first chapter captured me and made me want to read more. The emotions Amira feels are so well written that it brought me right back to the moments in my life where I felt that sad, scared and lonely and missing "the guy".

Amira is a strong and smart character who forges ahead, despite not quite knowing what is happening around her at times, especially when she feels as though she is losing herself to "the guy".

"The Guy" - Darragh - I absolutely felt no connection with him at all. For me, he worked better as a part of Amira's imagination (as in chapter 1) and I way preferred the story when he wasn't a physical part of it. He worked best as a emotional memory for me, as I echo Amira's comment at one point where she accusing him of being a player. There are many ways you can be a player and to me, Darragh was ONE.

I did like the backstory of Jocelyn very much and would have loved even more of Amira and Joss. I like strong bonds of friendship in my YA.

The writing is just perfectly detailed and the writing when describing any level of emotion is excellent.

Although I did not like one of the major characters in the story, I still managed to fall in love with the story.

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