2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

REVIEW for The Universe is Expanding and so Am I by Carolyn Mackler

TITLE:              The Universe is Expanding and so Am I

AUTHOR:          Carolyn Mackler

GENRE:            YA

RATING:            3 stars

I love Mackler's books and have, in fact, reread several of them. While they are YA, I have always found them to be well written, as well as contain messages that are important social themes.

Which is why I am so upset at this book. I really, really disliked the main character and while this is not a deal breaker for me if I like the plot, it wasn't the case here. Virginia was written basically as a helpless and hapless YA. I cannot tell you how many times the story contained the words "and Virginia could not speak" "and Virginia was rooted to her spot and could not move". Yep, the main character is so weak, that I found myself getting more and more incensed as I kept reading.

I mean I get it - not everyone can speak their mind and be pro-active, but wow! Virginia doesn't have a backbone AT ALL and can't even move when she sees several police officers at her front door. "I know I should move, but I am rooted here".

Yes, there are various messages here about acceptance, rape and sexual assault and about growing up, but all of it gets lost for me, with such a poor central character.

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