2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Sunday, July 1, 2018

REVIEW for Happily Ever Esther by Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter

Thank you to the people at Grand Central Publishing for sending me a copy of this electronic book to read and review.

TITLE:                         Happily Ever Esther

AUTHORS:                 Steve Jenkins and Derek Walters and Caprice Craine with a cool forward
                                     by Alan Cumming

GENRE:                      Memoir


Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down.  No, its not a thriller, but it is an honest and frank inside look at one of social media's biggest stars (and pink beauty) Esther the Wonder Pig.  With over 1.3 million followers, there is little doubt that Esther is loved and the message that comes through loud and clear from Esther's celebrity (and her two dads) is that love comes in every shape and size. 

In fact, this is the central message in all of Esther's various platforms, be it book or internet (Facebook page).  She has launched a movement to gently engaged people in looking at their eating habits and even their lifestyles, encouraging everyone to see animals as more than a convenience to humans.

Having said all of this, Happily Ever Esther is the continuing story from the first book, where dads and Esther write about their settling into their new home, which is also a Sanctuary for abused or abandoned farm animals.

Told by one of the dads - Steve - this is a surprisingly honest look at their life, which was completely turned around when they met Esther as a piglet and decided they were never going to let her go.  Throughout the book, Steve details the very ups and downs of their decision to put their old lives behind them and embark on creating a comfortable and happy life for animals that are at their sanctuary.

Steve makes it clear that the learning curve was high and that both he and Derek questioned their decisions at times, feeling overwhelmed and trying to find their way in this new challenge.

Also present are funny stories about Esther and sanctuary life.  We get more of a backstory on some of the animals at the farm, but we also discover that, at times, sweet Esther can be a challenge, especially when she wants to be the boss.  Its hard to re conciliate the sweet Esther we regularly see on FB to the one who throws occasional tantrums, especially when is facing her "teen" years.

Told always with a loving voice, Steve comes clean with a lot of things and honestly, he gave answers to some of the questions that I have had for several months.

No matter what is happening, Steve and Derek and their love for Esther and all the animals at the farm is obvious.  

Thank you to these two wonderful people who put the needs of Esther and her friends before their own.

Wonderful, wonderful read that makes me tear up (something I rarely do when reading a book).  I want to hug both of them for being their true selves and to Esther who is capturing the world one heart at a time.

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