2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Friday, April 19, 2019

BOOK review for Inebriated by Katey Taylor

TITLE:            Inebriated

AUTHOR:      Katey Taylor

GENRE:          YA

RATING:          5 Stars

This is exactly my type of book. I was actually mad when I had to put it down to deal with real life.

Having said that, this book also exasperated me almost as much as I loved it. The characters were so incredibly flawed that all I did was yell at them for the entirety of the storyline.

The basis was intriguing a 17 year old meets her idol, musician Adrian and surprise, surprise, they actually end up together.

At first, I though the story would go in typical fashion - fan meets star and has sex, only to never see them again. But Adrian actually did "fall" for Cait in a way and it was like watching a car crash (no pun intended) in slow motion.

I loved that the author did not show Adrian as a complete jerk, but rather someone who is extremely broken, but who does have moments of "reality". I think, in many ways, he was the most interesting of all the characters and the best fleshed out.

His mood swings and his honestly about his drug addiction were compelling, until you remember that he made a conscious choice of sleeping with a 17 year old while he was battling his demon.

Cait is probably the character I disliked the most and the one that was the least fleshed out. If her actions were meant to be some kind of mental rebellion against her parent's divorce, then I don't really by it. This was one spoiled little princess who was at times incredibly immature and at other times more mature than all of them. But she constantly walked that line and by the way, as she worried about everyone else's addictions, she might have asked herself.....why do I need booze when I go to ANY social events?

I think the story failed in a few spots with this character. Her actions are never really explained and that includes why she would think it is ok to let her friends start/do cocaine. Was she so self centered that she only could handle her own stuff? I never found that she was a good friend. A good friend would have tried to talk her friends from doing things that were dangerous or just plain stupid. Cait failed big time in that area.

Steph was okay, but again, what was her problem? Was it as simple as "young, rich and dumb?".

One of the biggest issues I could see was that NONE of these kids had jobs and it is never really mentioned. I get that Steph "had money" but what about everyone else? I can't believe that Cait, as a 17 year old, was not expected to get a job for the summer.

I also saw very minimal parental guidance in this story, which, of course, goes a long way in explaining what happened. The ease in which these kids got their hands on booze was also alarming as was the fact that Cait could "sleep over/out" so many times. The parents were obviously written as caricatures of themselves - no parent is that dumb!

Finally, the ending of this book is awful and very, very sad. Yet, once again, Cait gets away free. Come on, there should have been consequences for her - she was a huge part of the problem in the first place and yet, once again, she skates. What a terrible friend.

As a final question mark.....why were none of the kids worried about oh I don't know little things like HIV or sexually transmitted diseases? especially considering the story line.

As you can see I dissected this story to pieces, which means I loved it. I can't wait to read more from this author.

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