2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, October 12, 2020

BOOK REVIEW for Perfect Father by John Glatt

TITLE:      Perfect Father

AUTHOR:     John Glatt

GENRE:      True Crime

RATING:     5 stars

I devoured this book.

I am not usually a true crime buff, but when I first saw this on TV, it captivated me. "What was the truth? How can a father do this? A million questions that everyone else asked themselves when they saw this reported.

It is hard to review a book that details a horrific true story. I would never call this book great, because that would feel too voyeuristic, but this book certainly made me stop and think ...... alot.

How can a love affair, a happy family stray to far to the point of murder. I cannot wrap my head around what is/was wrong with this man.

The book is honest in detailing the whole situation and for once, I appreciated the ton of information given about Chris as a child. I normally skip over that, but this was compelling to the last page.

Watts has given so many versions of his story that it is hard to know what is the truth. Is he a misguided soul who strayed horrendously? or is he a manipulative bast@@@ who knew exactly what he was doing?

I get the feeling that he is somewhere betwen the two scenarios and the book did an excellent job od putting us in the center of everything - we felt all the pain, we felt everything he did to his family.

Well written and as I mentioned, highly compelling.

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