2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, October 31, 2020

BOOK REVIEW for Sway by Matthew John Bocchi


TITLE:                   Sway

AUTHOR:              Matthew John Bocchi

GENRE:                 Memoir

RATING:                5 stars

Wow, just wow.

I rarely read books on 9/11 because they are so sad, but I am grateful I read this one.

Usually, I know way in advance the books that I want to read, but I found a brief summary on a website (don't remember which one) of this memoir and it caught me completely by surprise. I immediately bought it.

Memoirs about addiction and recovery are books that I read....a lot, so I was completely surprised to see how integral both these subject matters were.

For me, this books is as much about 9/11 as it is about addiction and recovery. It is also about losing a father, in a violent way ...... there one minute and gone the next.

I identified with Matthew because I lost my father to a violent car crash when I was 11. I can understand how he needed closure and how he was willing to go through hell to get it. I can understand his need to find out everything about that September morning and then finding out a few details directly connected to his dad, while trying to make it all fit in your young brain.

I have mentioned this before....addiction is born out of trauma ( IMO) and you can feel and see Matthew spiralling downward. You can feel his confusion about his sh@@@y uncle and you can see and feel the sadness as he tries to numb himself over and over again.

As I read this memoir, I literally felt everything he was feeling. It is so raw and honest and the writing is solid.

I finished this in just a few days and now, I cant get this out of my head.

It's amazing, to me, that 9/11 just keeps making more and more victims even after 19 years.

More power to you and your family Matthew.

And acceptance is the answer to all our problems today.....

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