2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Monday, January 17, 2022

BOOK REVIEW for: The Doomsday Mother by John Glatt


Thank you to MacMillan Press for sending me this e-copy to read and review.

TITLE:                   The Doomsday Mother
AUTHOR:              John Glatt
GENRE:                 Nonfiction
RATING:                4 Stars

I have 3 books written by John Glatt and I enjoy his writing style, despite the difficult subject matter.

I have rated this book 4 stars because it is obvious how much research was done by Glatt.  I found out quite a few things that I did not even know, despite following, up to a point, this case.

This book is slower paced than his other books - which I get because the story itself was kind of a slow burn development.

As I was reading, I kept shaking my head...... how can people be falling for this?  but Glatt gives us some background on each "main" person of this story and you can see how they slowly, but surely find and believe Chad Daybell as he grooms them to believe in zombies.

Of course, the more horrific parts of this story (and this is where I learned a lot of new information) centers around those poor babies.  I cannot even phantom having a child and doing anything to him/her, but Lori was so far gone, that she actually had her brother kill them - a mother specifically putting out a "contract" on her own children, I just can't....

I appreciate the way the author writes the story, but keeps away from judging or putting in his own feelings or opinions.

This case is not finished, so more might come out, but to say this is a nightmare situation would be underselling it.

Intriguing and horrid and engrossing - the book touches all of these aspects.

I will most certainly read John Glatt's future books.

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