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2024 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

REVIEW for Lords of Corruption

A big, big thank you goes out to author Kyle Mills for so kindly sending this book to me!!!


TITLE: Lords of Corruption

AUTHOR: Kyle Mills

GENRE: Thriller

RATING: 5 Stars (and more)

I am a big fan of Kyle Mills and I am very happy to report that Lord of Corruptions is another winner!!! for this great author.

There seems to be a trend, among some of the thriller writers, to set their storylines in countries that, in my case anyway, I know very little about. This novel is almost entirely based in Africa. Indeed, we meet our main character Josh Hagarty as he applies for a position with NewAfrica. Josh is quite bright and even has an MBA, but he also has an unsavory past that makes his difficult to "employ". Yet, NewAfrica has definitely shown an interest in Josh and while this may not be the ideal job for him (he does not really want to travel and work in Africa) he does take the position because, basically, it pays extremely well and with this money, he will be able to ensure that his sister gets out of her current situation and there might even be some leftover to send her to a good school. Armed with these thoughts and the best of intentions, Josh decides that he will do the best he can while he is in Africa and will try to help the people there become self-sufficient.

Almost immediately upon Josh's arrival, he realizes that NewAfrica is but a front - there is no working equipment, the villagers are basically clueless and uninterested in the project and more importantly NewAfrica does not care about its own projects. What Josh does find is a corrupt, but all powerful leader of the country, a homicidal "right away man", a journalist who has seen it all and loves to drink and a aid worker who believes she can make a difference. As Josh becomes acquainted with some of the villagers, he becomes frustrated at the whole sham and in the process of trying to do something for them he starts to uncover a huge cover up - that could end up getting him killed.

Surprisingly help comes from the weary journalist, JB Flannery, who finally decides that he has seen enough and its take to grow a conscience. Together, Josh, JB and Annika set a plan in motion that is both daring and extremely, extremely dangerous. Not all of them will come out of it alive.

I have not really been able to do justice to the description of the plotline. This book is just one action packed moment after the next. There is something happening at every turn and you can feel the tension throughout the entire storyline. I feared for all of their lives and at the same time, I could not believe that this type of thing could actually still be going on in the 21st century - yet I am certain that it is.

Mills is wonderful at describing the desolate, yet scary African environment - he made me feel as though I was standing right there, in the thick of the action. In Josh, he created a strong character that is deeply flawed and I thought that this just added to the overall comlexity of the book. I also thought the addition of the JB character was a great touch - his complete lack of compassion in the earlier part of the book was a great lead into the type of character JB turned out to be and I think this was my favorite character.

I have to say that there is alot of violence in this book and that this read is not for the faint of heart. But if you are looking for non-stop action and an ending that you will not be able to predict, then this is the book for you.

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Donna said...

This sounds like an exciting read - I'm putting it on my TBR list.

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