2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

REVIEW for The Bright Side

A big thank you goes out to Poolbeg Press for sending along this great little book.

TITLE: The Bright Side

AUTHOR: Alex Coleman

GENRE: Chick Lit

RATING: 4 Stars

I had never read anything by Alex Coleman so it was quite a treat to find out about The Bright Side. Jackie has not been doing very well lately - especially with all her problems keeping her relationships with her family - but she still has her gorgeous husband - OOOPPS! wait, she doesn't have that anymore since she found him having sex with the sexy blond next door. But wait! maybe Jackie can milk this for all its worth? This book is hilarious and at the same time poignant. Here is a very lonely woman, who is incapable of keeping relationships with the people in her life -- until life forces her to take a good look at herself and at all that she is capable of - if only she believes it AND is willing to put her share in.

Her husband's infidelity acts as the "thing" that will slowly, but surely make Jackie realize all that she has in life. I loved this book because it is written in a way where the heroine (or main character thinks she is manipulating the situation and has it all figured out - but really she is clueless that life is about to help her get what she needs).

This was a very, very clever book, written in a humorous and touching way - never hitting us over the head with the "life lessons". I really enjoyed it.

1 comment:

Wall-to-wall books said...

Hahaha! This book sound Great!
But is the Author - Alex, a woman? I hope so. Just can't read good chick-lit written by a guy.

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