2024 Reading Challenge

2024 Reading Challenge
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

REVIEW of For Keeps

A big thank you goes out to author Natasha Friend for sending me a copy of her book!

TITLE: For Keeps

AUTHOR: Nathasha Friend


RATING: 5 stars

As many of you know, I rarely rate a book 5 stars. However, everything I have ever read by Natasha Friend has always been top notch and For Keeps is another winner.

Natasha Friend writes YA, but she also tends to write YA with a conscience and a message.

In For Keeps, Friend does not stray away from the difficult subject matter of teen pregnancy - we find our main character Josie - she is living with her mom and they have been there for each other since the beginning. Josie knows that her mom is afraid of falling in love again - ever since her mom got pregnant in high school and "the guy" left her to have her baby alone - there are major trust issues with men for both women and Josie has vowed "never to find herself in that situation". So, Josie often finds herself the "adult" with her mother and never is this more obvious on the day where Josie and her mom "come across her father's parents" - the Tuccis are back in town and now Josie must decide whether she will actually introduce herself to them.

However, fate steps in - one night Josie's grandfather (who is not aware of her existence) actually walks into her shop to get something to eat - they bond and the story develops from there.

As Josie gets to know more about her dad, she also discovers some things about her mom and herself and will eventually have to come face to face with the thing that scares here the most in the world.

This book is soooooo well written and the Josie character is so touching that I found myself crying in some spots. I loved that nobody in this novel is the horrible, selfish person that I first thought they might be and this book reminds me that nothing is ever just black and white (a lesson Josie will also learn).

This book is absolutely wonderful and I read it in one sitting. I suggest that you go out and buy every Nathasha Friend book you can find and read them all!!!! These books are precious for any YA, but they are also life lessons for adults.


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bermudaonion said...

I'm glad to see someone is writing YA books with a message. This book sounds wonderful.

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