2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Monday, June 24, 2013

REVIEW for Sihpromatum I Grew my Boobs in China

TITLE:                Sihpromatum I Grew my Boobs in China

AUTHOR:           Savannah Grace

GENRE:                    Memoir


I was contacted by the author about reading and reviewing this book and to be honest with you the title of the book was so cool that I thought I just had to read this story.

This is basically the author’s story about living an unconventional life from about the age of 14 – mainly through travelling.  While other girls where sitting home putting make up on, she was travelling and rebelling each and every second of it.  No amount of encouragement from her family members such as her mother or brother could convince her to just ‘go with it’ and enjoy the life experience.

I found myself both sympathizing with her and grumbling at her in the same breath.  When I think about my own 14 year old self, I absolutely would have hated being put in the exact same situation.  Yet, the adult in me envied Savannah’s life and experiences – so I read this book with two very different mindsets at the same time.

This book, while a work of non fiction is entertaining, it is also ‘life lessons’ wrapped between two book covers.  Basically, the author details for us how she slowly (very  slowly) started to realize that she needed to live in the moment and to enjoy each and every breath, site and feeling.  I loved the message this book sends out – as it is one that I find myself basically always forgetting.

In short this book is about taking the time to smell the roses – in China LOL

I loved, loved this story and suggest that you get your hands on a copy.  The only downfall for me – I HATED THE BOOK COVER.

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